Professor F. Blaine Hollinger

F. Blaine Hollinger, M.D.




  • Professor
  • Virology & Microbiology: Hollinger Lab
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Houston, Texas


  • Eugene B. Casey Hepatitis Research Center and Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Houston, Texas



  • MD from University Of Kansas
  • 01/1957 - Lawrence, KS, United States
  • Fellowship at Baylor College Of Medicine Affiliate Hospitals
  • 01/1968 - Houston, TX, United States
  • NIH Special Fellow, Department of Virology & Epidemiology
  • Internship at University of California - San Francisco
  • 01/1966 - San Francisco, CA
  • Internal Medicine
  • Residency at University of Kansas Medical Center
  • 01/1965 - Kansas City, KS
  • Internal Medicine
  • Residency at University Of Washington Hospital
  • 01/1964 - Seattle, WA, United States
  • Residency at University Of California Hospitals & Clinics
  • 01/1962 - San Francisco, CA, United States





List of Publications:

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