Archiving and Access to Data

Details of policies about archiving and accessing to data published by Kowsar Medical can be found here:


1) API


Our API is a RESTful API for retrieving open access content published by Kowsar. Resources are represented in JSON and Prism Aggregate (PAM) formats. Till now and due to changing in some features, our API is temporarily private. If you need more info and receive API key please contact us at info [[at]] Our content is licensed using a Creative Commons license (CC-By 4.0).  

More info can be found here: Open Access



2) Article metrics

Article metrics provide information on the usage and dissemination of published articles including:

  1. Article accesses: Number of times an article has been accessed on Kowsar Medical websites. 
  2. Citations via Google Scholar, Scopus, Crossref
  3. Social media sharing, such as FacebookTwitter

Article metrics are provided for all articles published by Kowsar Medical, to help readers assess the importance and impact of these articles. These metrics can be see at each article individual page.


3) Journal archiving

Kowsar Medical deposits the articles that it publishes in multiple digital archives around the world to guarantee long-term digital preservation. These archives include:

Koninklijke Bibliotheek (The Netherlands)
PubMed Central (United States)

To facilitate data mining research, the full-text XML of all Kowsar Medical open access research articles is available for ftp download as a ZIP archive.