Article Processing Charges (APC) Information

List of free journals versus journals with charge in Kowsar

Authors of some specific Kowsar journals need to pay the "Acceptance Fee". We called them "Article Processing Charge plus (APC+)" journals. Before submitting a manuscript in a journal, we kindly and strongly recommend you to consider APC+ or APC- (free) journals.


Kowsar Journals with Charge

(These journals are marked as YES in the column of APC)


Kowsar Free Journals

(These journals are marked as "Free of Charge" in the column of APC)

Table of Contents:

  1. Why APC in Kowsar?
  2. Pricing in Kowsar journals
  3. How can I avoid the English editing surcharge?
  4. Which article types are published free of charge?
  5. Methods of Payment
  6. How to Pay the Acceptance Fee [EUR] offline?
  7. How to Pay the Acceptance Fee [Rial] offline?
  8. Discounts and Waivers Policy
  9. Do I have to pay if my manuscript is rejected?
  10. Are reprints of my article included in the article processing charges (APC)?
  11. Cancellation or Refund Policy

Why APC in Kowsar?

Kowsar publishes all its journals in full open access format. The scientific community and the general public can unlimitedly and immediately access all content published in our journals for free as soon as it is published on the Internet. This means that Kowsar does not have any income from selling subscriptions to print or online versions of its journals or from charging "pay-per-view" fees. Therefore, Kowsar needs to defray its editorial and production costs by collecting article processing charges (APC) from authors' institutes or research funding bodies. Kowsar is committed to keep its open access publication charges at a minimum level. Already now, Kowsar's charges—if calculated per page—are much lower than the revenues per published page that traditional, subscription-based academic publishers can generate. Paying the article processing charge in an Open Access journal is a replacement with the normal subscription charges used by most journals and allows journals to make the full text of every published article freely available to all interested readers.


Pricing in Kowsar Journals

The article processing charges (APC) for different journals is given in the table below. The basic article processing charges (APC) cover editorial service and production of an article. Non-native English speaking colleagues are encouraged to use a professional English editing service before submission of a manuscript. 


Acceptance Fee
Journal Long Articles (1) Normal Articles (2) Short Articles (3) Super Short Articles (4) Fee of extra words (6) Period
price (Euro), exclusive VAT (7) and Bank Costs (8), per word, first 5000 words price (Euro), exclusive VAT (7) and Bank Costs (8), per word, first 3500 words price (Euro), exclusive VAT (7) and Bank Costs (8), per word, first 1500 words price (Euro), exclusive VAT (7) and Bank Costs (8), per word, first 500 words price (Euro) for all article types in all journals, exclusive VAT (7) and Bank Costs (8)  
Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 0.16


0.26 0.52 0.09 From 14 Jan 2019 to 13 Jan 2020
International Journal of Cancer Management 0.09 0.09 0.13 0.24 0.04 From 21 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2021
Shiraz E Medical Journal 0.1 0.11 0.17 0.3 0.04 From 12 Jun 2019 to 12 Jun 2020
Thrita 0.057 0.057 0.057 0.06 0.06 From 24 May 2018 to 22 May 2020
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine 0.20 0.25 0.35 0.60 0.04 From 21 Apr 2019 to 21 Apr 2020
Asian Journal of Sports Medicine 0.13 0.14 0.2 0.4 0.04 From 01 Jun 2019 to  01 Jun 2020
Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology 0.16 0.17 0.23 0.44 0.04 From 22 Mar 2018 to 22 Mar 2019
Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal 0.23 0.29 0.37 0.7 0.04 From 01 Jan 2019 to  01 Jan 2020
Hepatitis Monthly 0.23 0.26 0.37 0.7 0.04 From 11 Jun 2019 to  11 Jun 2020
Health Scope 0.075 0.071 0.083 0.13 0.04 From 21 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2020
International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction 0.1 0.11 0.15 0.3 0.04 From 21 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2020
Iranian Journal of Radiology 0.14 0.16 0.21 0.4 0.04 From 11 Aug 2019 to 11 Aug 2020
Nephro-Urology Monthly 0.18 0.2 0.27 0.5 0.04 From 21 Mar 2018 to 18 Mar 2019
Iranian Journal of Pediatrics 0.19 0.2 0.22 0.3 0.08 From 12 Jan 2019 to 12 Jan 2020
Archive of Pediatric Infection Diseases 0.08 0.0857 0.12 0.22 0.05 From 21 Mar 2019 to 21 Mar 2020
Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgical Sciences 0.028 0.0285 0.03 0.04 0.05 From 21 Mar 2018 to 20 Mar 2019
Jundishapur Journal of Natural Pharmaceutical Products 0.086 0.085 0.1 0.1 0.05 From 24 Sep 2018 to  23 Sep 2019
Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases 0.095 0.1 0.11 0.13 0.06 From 21 Apr 2019 to 19 Apr 2020
Archives of Neuroscience 0.081 0.0857 0.093 0.11 0.06 From 21 Mar 2019 to 18 Mar 2020

Last updated on 13 Oct 2019

Important Notes:

  1. Word count policy is written here.
  2. VAT Rates: All prices are exclusive VAT rates. The tax rate could be 6-25% based on the author's country. top
  3. Bank Transfer Costs: All prices are exclusive bank transfer costs. Each transaction costs 5 Euro plus country costs for non-EU countries and 0.5 Euro per EU countries plus 5 Euro of Bank storten and country costs (min 10 Euro, Max: 50 Euro). The calculation for international payment can be found here and here. How to calculate?
  4. English Editing Services and Costs: The prices include English Editing Costs. If you have already edited your manuscript in one of the mentioned companies, 0.03- 0.05 euro per word (based on the level of editing)  will be decreased from your final invoice. To apply for this exclusion, contact us at: and send us the certificate of English editing.
  5. Special Discounts (0-50%) for Low-Income Countries To Apply Click Here and follow "Request Discount"


How can I avoid the English editing surcharge?

To avoid the English editing surcharge, we recommend that non-native English speaking authors send their manuscripts to a professional English editing service prior to the submission of their manuscript to Kowsar journals. We recommend the below-listed manuscript editing services. These language editing services will issue a certificate to attest that authors used their services to improve the language and style of their manuscript. The certificate should be included alongside the submission. Authors of articles submitted to Kowsar journals benefit from a one-time 10% discount on Kowsar's fees or a 15% discount on Manuscript edit's fees. Simply follow the below links to make use of the referral discount. We recommend to use these English editing services:



For International Customers


For Persian Customers

Any question could be asked via


Which article types are published free of charge?

Editorial items (Editorials or Retractions) are published free of charge. Article processing charges (APC) are only applied to other article types. If you are an invited author and need any assistance simply contact us via (Submit a ticket by Author)

Methods of Payments

There are two methods to pay article processing charges:

  1. Online Payments (recommended):

To pay the fees, sign in to the journal website and follow the wizard under your manuscript in the Authorial Area. Normally, the authors allowed to pay the invoice only after "Acceptance". When an article is accepted, a button titled "Pay Acceptance Fee" will be available for the corresponding author via the journal website. If you need any assistance simply contact us via (Submit a ticket by Author). 

  • Offline Payments:

Bank payments can also be performed using IBAN and BIC numbers of our company. To pay via your bank, you need to receive a pre-invoice. To receive it, please submit a ticket via (Request Invoice). Our "Accounting Department" will send an invoice to your email. Afterwards, you will be able to pay it with your bank account. After transferring the fee, please register a "Bank Receipt" by the following method:

  1. Log in to your account in the journal website
  2. Go to "Needs Payment" status on Payment category
  3. Click on "Pay Acceptance Fee" button
  4. Choose your currency and offline payment
  5. Finally, fill the form and submit it

  • روش پرداخت آفلاین برای نویسندگان ایرانی

نویسندگان محترم همواره می توانند جهت پرداخت آفلاین از طریق مسیر زیر اقدام نمایند:

  1. لطفا مبلغ مشخص شده در فاکتور خود را به یکی از حساب های معرفی شده در وب سایت واریز نمایید . برای اطلاع از مقدار دقیق فاکتور و شماره حساب لطفا به مقاله خود در سایت مجله مراجعه کنید و یا از طریق سیستم پشتیبانی به آدرس با ما در ارتباط باشید. سپس مبلغ را از طریق کارت بانکی خود واریز نمایید.

  2. پس از پرداخت از طریق پنل کاربری خود وارد وضعیت Needs Payment شده و گزینه Pay Acceptance Fee را انتخاب و در صفحه روبرو پس از انتخاب واحد پولی گزینه Offline Payment را انتخاب نمایید.
  3. کلیه اطلاعات پرداختی خود را به همراه فیش واریزی خود در صفحه مربوطه وارد کنید و دکمه ثبت نهایی را انتخاب نمایید. 
  4. در صورت وجود هرگونه مشکل و یا سوال با سامانه پشتیبانی در ارتباط باشید.


Offline Payments

Click Here to Order Invoice 
(Request Invoice)

Online Payments

Follow Journal Website


Discounts and Waivers Policy

  • For Authors

Kowsar offers waivers and discounts for article processing charges (APCs) for articles whose corresponding authors are based in low-income countries. These countries are classified by the World Bank as low-income economics as of July 2017. Please submit your discount request via our support portal at . We will review your request and inform you.

  • For Reviewers

We offer a discount to reviewers of some journals to appreciate their kind efforts and services or to the previous authors to thank them for their loyalty. Reviewers with more than 10 complete tasks are eligible to use our offers and discounts. To apply, please fill an online form in this link (Request Discount)

Do I have to pay if my manuscript is rejected?

No. Kowsar only sends the invoice for article processing charges (APC) if and once a manuscript is accepted for publication. The acceptance of a manuscript is based on the outcome of the peer-review procedure. The final decision as to whether a manuscript is accepted for publication or rejected will be taken by an external editor (usually the Editor-in-Chief of a journal or the Guest Editor of a special issue) based on scientific merit.

Are reprints of my article included in the article processing charges (APC)?

No. Article processing charges (APC) do not entitle the authors to receive reprints of their published article. Reprints can be ordered separately and optionally for any article that has been published in a Kowsar journal. To request an offer for reprints of an article, please visit the website of the article you would like to reprint and follow the "Order Reprint" link or contact us via

Cancellation or Refund Policy

We are able to refund a part of your payment if you need to cancel or refund your payment only if your manuscript is not accepted. Any request for refunding the fee must be submitted via our support portal at Based on a manuscript status, there are several conditions for a refund:

  1. After Submission and In Review Process: Based on the withdrawal regulation, you have to pay a withdrawal fee after primary confirmation. More information could be found here: Link
  2. After Acceptance and before Final publishing: not possible.
  3. After Final Publishing in one of the issues: not possible.