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CrossRef Cited-by Linking (formerly Forward Linking) is a service that allows you to discover how your publications are being cited and to incorporate that information into your online publication platform. Participation in CrossRef Cited-by Linking is entirely optional and there is no charge for it, but in order to participate, there is an important quid-pro-quo: in order to discover what publications cite your content, you must, in turn, submit metadata listing the works that your publications cite.

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Introduction: The ultimate goal of an author is to increase the number of citation to his article, and that of an editor in chief is to increase the impact factor of his journal, which can be managed through counting and aggregating citations. To increase the validity and reliability of article references, Crossref and PubMed links should be used in all references to increase the impact factor and citation of the articles.

Applications: Pre-computation of the impact factor is fundamental for journal development and article absorption policy. By this service, the articles that have cited your article can be easily identified and counted; and finally, the impact factor can be also computed.

CITEDBY service provides the exact number of citations for the author and the reader of the article. To benefit from this service standard XML output of the article full text is needed, so that necessary metadata to aggregate and increase the number of citations can be provided.

CITEDBY Advantage

The principle advantage of this service is to increase the number of citations to the published articles and then to increase the impact factor of your journal. Employing this service for the article references is one of the most important scientometric tools in the world. This service finally increases the rank of the original university