Consultation to Establish New Journals

Establishment of Journals in an Appropriate Time


Establishment of Journals in an Appropriate Time


Consultation to Establish New Journals


Introduction: One of the most primitive and fundamental stages at any scientific institute to establish a new scientific journal is assessment based on the facts. By providing consultation sessions, and intragroup discussions Kowsarconsulting team provides a prospective vision about publishing journals, the consultations are offered under the following headings:

Types of Consultations

1) Needs Assessment of journal establishment based on available knowledge production indicators of the institute: The number of researchers, article production rate, and the ability to attract articles

2) Evaluation and identification of the local and international scientific competitors

3) Providing the road map to achieve the premium goals of journal publishing

4) Assisting to identify and determine the journal elements

5) Consultation to select an appropriate title for the journal

6) Consultation to obtain the necessary permits from science, health, and culture ministries

7) Providing the strategy to achieve an indexed journal in the international and reliable indexing sources