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CrossRef is the official DOI registration agency for scholarly and professional publications, including journals, books, and other content types. CrossRef provides primary publishers with the organizational and technological backbone to facilitate linking by associating DOIs with publisher metadata. There is no centralized repository of abstracts or full text involved. Membership is open to publishers in all content areas.



The value of CrossRef linking for scholarly e-journals is by now well established. By joining this collaborative network, you will add reader utility to your digital content through outbound links to cited material, while augmenting access to your material through incoming links from other publishers.

CrossRef has also begun adding books and conference proceedings to its extensive linking network. If you are a book publisher:

CrossRef gives your DOIs added exposure. CrossRef is the only DOI registration agency with a cross-publisher linking network. With your publications registered in the CrossRef database, over 4500 participating organizations – other publishers, A&I databases, aggregators, and libraries – will be able to link automatically to your content.

Leverage your content. Assigning DOIs to book chapters gives you a headstart in re-purposing your publications for course-packs, for derivative works requiring a subset or re-ordering of the original components, and for e-commerce at the chapter level.

Link your e-books. For electronic books such as reference works, CrossRef facilitates internal linking of components and references, as well as providing durable hyperlinks from citations to any other participating publishers material.

Get in on the ground floor. CrossRef is run by publishers. As a member, you can have real input into the development of new collaborative technologies and the policies underlying this collaboration.