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Layout and Design: Difference in the First Look


Differences in the First Look

Introduction: All the files produced in this unit are sent to the editor in chief for final and prepublication control, and his viewpoints are evaluated by the publishing personnel and after revising the probable issues, files are entered to the offset or digital printing process. Proper control at all stages, from printing to packing, delivery, and receiving customer satisfaction approval is our ultimate goal. Kowsar professional and qualified design and publishing team is one of the main pillars in providing fine visual products.

Duties: The main duties of this team are as follows:

1) Layout and Design for the Specific Journals:

Articles accepted by the editorial board and the production manager are sent to the design unit and considering a stable format every article is designed by the designing software. Designing and redrawing graphs and specific figures are the main steps in increasing the chance of indexing and publishing in high quality journals. It is noteworthy that article layout, cover design, images, pages, titles and etc. are based on standards of AMA Manual of Style, and Kowsar designing team, like other units of this corporation, follows the standards seriously.

2) Layout and Designing of Specific Books:

Parallel with designing the scientific journals by Kowsar designing team, other scientific-research and cultural-educational books are properly designed by this team. Customized imaging is one of the outstanding abilities of Kowsar designing team. Considering the specialty of designing team members, idea developing, and advertisement packs, such as brochures, catalogs, posters, and other cultural items are also prepared by this team.

3) Publication and Distribution

Another responsibility of Kowsar designing and publishing unit is to control and provide the above-mentioned items in prepublication and publication processes. Sending the journals to the local or international members who subscribed by the online system is done as fast as possible by the specific distribution network. There are two printing methods, digital and offset with 100 to 1000 volume circulation; the two-colored glossy 90g sheets are used for internal pages and some all colored forms, and four-colored glossy 120g sheets for the cover page.

Based on the agreement, the distribution system can send the copies to the local and international subscribers immediately after publication. This company is ready to distribute journals locally and internationally in the shortest time, by the help of qualified people, and using an online associated system which has provided the possibility of subscription for the local and foreign subscribers. On time distribution of journals to the international indexing centers, such as ISI and PubMed, is one of the advantages of this method.