Economy of Publishing

Introduction: In a dependent economy, the destiny of journals is in the hands of political and economical changes. In the modern journals, there are two publishing revenue models named open access and closed access. In the first model, publishing fees are provided by authors, and in the second model readers should provide publication fees. Kowsar Corporation is proud of providing different up-to-date publication services to make journals financially independent, after a certain period of time and by partnership and investment agreements.

Aims: The main aim of the open access method is to increase the scientific validity and financial independency of journals, and the final attempt of Kowsar team is the publication of journals with high scientific reliability, generating revenue to administrate publication affairs, and improving the scientific quality of journals. Financial independency of journals, especially in the current situation of medical sciences universities that are facing cuts in a big part of their research budget, is important more than ever before. Kowsar Corporation aimed to help journals to increase their scientific reliability and financial independency to prevent applying tastes in the case of administrating scientific journals.

Performances: Defining a policy and strategic plan, and creating necessary infrastructures to receive copyrights from local authors (through local banking system) or international authors (through Credit Cards, PayPal, Master or Visa Card) is one of the main principals in journal autonomy which will be facilitated by Kowsar trading system. Now, the indexed journals of this corporation have achieved considerable incomes, in accordance with their activity, by following the open access policy and receiving article processing fee. Our final goal is reaching the full financial independence of journals after two years. Revenues are receivable from authors by the four following boxes:

1. Acceptance Fee

2. Fast Track Fee

3. Publication Fee

4. English Editing Fee