Professor Ernest Weil

member of IKA, Amsterdam

juni 2010 – heden (6 jaar 2 maanden)

Urological oncology



Slotervaartziekenhuis , Amsterdam

februari 2010 – heden (6 jaar 6 maanden)

dr. med. FEBU. Urologist, Chairman Department of Urology

Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam

februari 2010 – heden (6 jaar 6 maanden)

General Urology, Reconstructive Urology, Neuro Urology, functional Urology, Oncology, Urolithiasis, Paediatric Urology, Incontinence


founder and president

Stef foundation , General aid for Childern Foundation

augustus 1997 – heden (19 jaar)


Dr Weil started 15 years ago to treat childern with urological congenital malformation in Bali.

His first patient was a just born boy with anal atresia , peno-scrotal hypospadia andnon- descended testis. After Anal and peno-scrotal operations the boy is now 15 years old and a healthy boy. Since then every year dr weil is performing 5 to ten hypospadia repairs in Bali.All costs involved for these operations are taken care of by the foundation.


dr , med, FEBU, Urologist, Associate Professor of Urology

Maastricht University Medical Centre

augustus 1983 – juni 2010 (26 jaar 11 maanden)

General Urologist, Neuro Urology, Paediatric urology, Incontinence, Functional Urology, Oncology, Urolithiasis, Reconstructive Urology. Teacher of Urologists in training, Teacher of Students in Medicine.



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