Kowsar provides journals a high level of flexibility to configure workflows. Designed to integrate easily with online publishing services, Kowsar lowers administrative costs and reduces time from submission to publication. Since 2010 Kowsar has provided small and medium journals a variety of options for getting online. Together this community has evolved to increase productivity and improve the work flow in the peer review process. What makes Kowsar unique is our hands-on, personalized service allowing you to set your own parameters on what works for your organization. We do all we can to make your editorial team happy.

Kowsar Results
• Increase efficiency of publishing staff
• Offer reviewers fast and easy access
• Give Editors hands-on control
• Streamline Author submissions

Kowsar Advantages
Kowsar dramatically reduces time to publication and manuscript handling costs. Publishers using Kowsar report enhanced communication amongst authors, reviewers, editors and staff. With online access 24/7 anywhere in the world, Kowsar offers improved production, storage, and distribution of manuscripts. 
A strong advantage of the Kowsar system is its extreme flexibility. It was architected in such a way that it can be configured to meet a wide variety of publication workflow requests not only at launch but as the site evolves over time. Kowsar handles some of the journals today, including Hepatitis MonthlyNUmonthlyIRCMJ, and etc (> 28 journals). 
Publishing staff become more efficient, as Kowsar is easy to configure to the specific needs of both an individual publication as well as a group of publications under a single umbrella. Features include an intuitive user interface; ease of submission, conversion and reviewer solicitation; ability to control levels of user permissions within the system; automated notification of events by email; ability of staff to make small changes to the publication site; an interface to production systems to facilitate file transfers and enable publishing ahead of print; and a large installed user base of reviewers and authors worldwide. 
When publishing articles online "ahead-of-print" the process is a simple click by the publishing staff. The "behind-the-scenes" transfer of the XML data and the PDF is transparent as it is an automatic handoff. 
Special features such as online collection of copyright transfers and disclosures or manuscript submission fees, is offered. For reviewers, Kowsar provides a range of tools that are highly useful in the peer review process. An automatic search for reviewers shortens the time for publishing staff to find reviewers. In addition, toll-free links assist editors and reviewers during the peer review process by making access to manuscripts seamless. 
Kowsar provides publishers with a secure, reliable manuscript tracking system that fits your needs and can evolve as you grow.

What does KOWSAR do?
Kowsar develops and hosts high-quality scholarly publications. We act as an extension of a publishers' staff to provide IT services for the online versions of their publications. Kowsar provides the technology infrastructure and platform that allows publishers to pick and choose exactly the site design, branding, feature set, business models, and content support they want for their publications. All content is hosted on Kowsar servers, using the Kowsar Express production system.