Technical Editing Services

Expert editors will help you in as different services like English editing, style editing and etc.

One of the main tasks in each journal is technical editing tasks for that journal. We provide one expert production manager for our journals which is completely involved in details...

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Uniformity and the standardization of publishing

Introduction: Technical editing includes style editing, reference editing, evaluating plagiarism, and standard editing. Each journal is directed by a fulltime qualified expert as the production manager who has full command of English, and is responsible for standardization and editing the references of articles, editing English texts and is also the coordinator between referees and authors and follow-ups all journal indexing affairs. The qualified team of technical editors facilitates the technical management of the articles, and scientific experts only participate in the scientific development of the journal.

Production Manager holds a degree complying with the specialty of the journal and directs all the stages of article production.


Technical Editing Services of articles: Uniformity and the standardization of publishing


The Most Important Duties of the Production Manager

Reviewing the writing style, and the required standards of the articles

Editing the References

Implementation of referees` viewpoints regarding the articles

Careful follow-up of all the articles

Printing technical supervisor; observing the publishing patterns

Direct supervisor for indexing the journal in the reliable references

Internal management of the articles

Printing and distribution manager

Coordinating between referees, authors, and editorial board

English editing supervisor of articles