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1. Translation Services
1.1 Definitions:
1.2. Types of Services and Costs:
1.3. Discount for Institutes:
1.4. Terms and conditions:
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3. خلاصه فارسی

1. Translation Services
1.1 Definitions:
Translation services are provided by Kowsar, for all authors. "Kowsar" is offering an efficient service to help you and your colleagues ensure that your academic and professional reports and manuscripts will be written in perfect English. Professional translators will convert your manuscript and send it back to you to meet your requirements and deadlines. At the moment, transation services cover different languages like Persian and Arabic in different fields.


1.2. Types of Services and Costs:
Kowsar offers our well-known services with below mentioned costs. If you need more discount, you can use ourinstitutional rates which gives you more choices.

Translation Service

Costs per word (IRR)

>> Persian to English (Premium Package)


>> Persian to English (Standard Package)


>> English to Persian


Last Update: 12 March 2019

1.3. Discount for Institutes:
There are special discounts for the institutes who guarantee to provide a high volume number of works per year. Once the payment has been transduced to our account, the work will be initiated.

1.4. Terms and conditions:
• Usually we do the editing within 7 working days after the payment.
• "Per word" would be calculated according word count tool and would be excluding of references.
• The authors are responsive for accuracy of presented data according COPE guidelines.
• Additional charges would be charge for authors who would like to receive customized services per hour such as mythology consultation or reference restructuring.

3. How to order?

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خلاصه فارسی


سرویس ترجمه مقالات

در حال حاضر خدمات ترجمه مقالات علمی توسط مترجمین داخلی در رشته های تخصصی مختلف انجام می‌شود.

هزینه خدمات در جدول ذکر شده‌اند.

* زمان انجام کار برای هر مقاله 7 تا 10 روز کاری می‌باشد.

* برای موسسات و افرادی که حجم کار بیشتری دارند تخفیف ویژه ای در نظر گرفته می‌شود.

* برای استفاده از این خدمات فایل مورد نظر خود را از طریق این صفحه بفرستید تا در اسرع وقت پیش فاکتور برای شما ارسال شود.