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To educate all journal members, we provide the last updates about peer-review methods, article writing, methodological evaluation, explanation of journal environments, plagiarism, managing a journal, English editing and other useful fields in academic journalism.



Training: The foundation in the development of knowledge and technology


Training: The foundation for the development of knowledge and technology

Introduction: Training journalism and principles of article writing are among the main goals of Kowsar Corporation from the very moment of the establishment. The main goal of the workshops is to develop researchers, editor in chiefs, and members of the editorial board of Iranian journals. Kowsar Corporation is proud of cooperation, regarding training and development, with the editorial boards of different Iranian journals of medical universities of Ahwaz, Zahedan, Hamedan, and Golestan.

Based on their requirements, journals use Kowsar specific team consultations and trainings for their editorial boards, referees, and personnel.

Kowsar Corporation is proud of holding free of charge training courses for editors in chief, and the members of editorial boards of journals which have signed contracts with Kowsar, aiming to promote them. So far, the training workshops have been held in more than 11 provinces.

Topics of Workshops and Courses

Plagiarism Workshop

Meta-analysis Workshop

Endnote Workshop

Training AMA Manual of Style

Article Writing and Editing Methods

Evaluating Different Types of Articles

Peer Review methods

Training Office Software

Journal Administrating Methods

Impact Factor increasing methods

Specific Training Courses for indexing Journals in Reliable Databanks, such as ISI, PMC, and Medline