XML Packages

Using our online system, XML packages will be available.

The most comprehensive method for archiving digital data

Kowsar as one of the best editorial online system has its own automated engine for producing XML and its files from your published articles. Kowsar XML generator is a straight forward link of your journal. The standard XML of your articles matches with DTD 3.0 can be performed by our system.

What is XML?

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a developed markup system designed based on world wide web consortium and publicized on Nov.1996, and now is used as a basis for some web automotive designs. Using XML is one of the best ways to categorize the information as external, which logically and simply processes and updates the data.



XML: The most comprehensive method for archiving digital data


XML Advantages: Some applications of Kowsar XML convertor are as follows:

Online publication of articles in the journals official websites

Connecting to Crossref system and creating appropriate metadata for the articles to activate the specified DOI link to each article.

Connect to CITEDBY system

Article page layout by InDesign software

Creating digital library by XML